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Chakra Balancing Session
(45 minutes)


45 minutes

At my Chakra Balancing Sessions, I use an ancient technique of energy healing to help my clients achieve a greater sense of harmony and peace in their lives. My sessions are designed to re-align the body’s energy centers.


I offer 45-minutes sessions that focus on the seven main chakras of the body. During the session, I use a variety of methods, including aromatherapy, meditation and sound therapy, to help open and balance your chakras.

The process works by allowing the body’s natural healing energies to flow freely, restoring balance and harmony between mind, body, and spirit.


My session is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the seven main chakras, and to help you heal and restore your energy to its natural state.


During the session, you can expect to learn about each chakra, its associated energy and how to open it up.


By understanding and working with the energy centers in your body, you can unlock a greater level of self-awareness that leads to improved physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 


Only available in my clinic, in Winsen/Aller.

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