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About Me.

I'm a Usui Reiki Master, advanced Chakra and Crystal Healer and registered at the International Association Of Therapists and International Natural Healers Association as well as a member of the International Reiki Organization and Natural Healer Society founded by Melissa Crowhurst. 

At my practice, I specialise in the traditional Usui Method of Reiki, which was recognised and documented by Dr. Mikao Usui and has been passed down through generations.


My sessions are tailored to meet the needs of my clients and I strive to provide a comfortable and safe space for them to heal. By tapping into the power of Reiki energy, I am able to help my clients gain clarity, inner peace and a sense of wellbeing.

My personalized approach to Reiki healing incorporates a variety of techniques to tailor each session to the needs of each individual. Whether you are seeking relief from physical pain, emotional stress or spiritual clarity, I am here to help you find the healing you need.

I am passionate about helping my clients find their inner strength and peace. I am here to help every step of the way. Whether you're looking for a one-time session or a long-term commitment, I can help you on your journey to wellbeing.

Love & light to you, 



Certified by

• Natural Healer ™

• Mark Perren-Jones

  Spa Training Academy

• Laurie Fulford PMP

• Kerry Nelson Selman


• Usui Reiki Practitioner Level 1, 2 & Master 

• Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner

• Reiki Distance Healing Specialist

• Advanced Crystal Healer

• EFT Practitioner

• Meridian Energy Practitioner

• Crystal Energy Healer

• Advanced Chakra Healer

• Energetic Protection

• Chakra Energy Healer


• Vibrational Oneness Practitioner

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